The Ram's Head Inn


A Mountain Boutique Lodge

Established in 1970s the Ram’s Head Inn has been an escape in BC of true charm and character ever since.

We believe that it’s the only boutique lodge in the world that’s got it’s own forest – in a ski resort.  If you’re looking to relax, this is pure tranquility.

And just a few minutes down the road lies Rossland – once a hive of gold-mining activities, and incredibly, the home of some world-famous gold mines.

Those were the rewards that first attracted Scandinavians to this part of the world, but now, Martin is here just for the treasures that lie on the surface of these here hills.

Red Mountain

It’s not just any old ski resort outside our door, however, but one as interesting and as unspoiled as the unique Red Mountain.

Which just happens to be the first stop on the legendary Powder Highway, with over 3 million acres of trackable terrain.  Amazing.

Life can never be too bad if you’re a 2 minute walk from a chair-lift that delivers you to around 4000 acres of fantastic & varied terrain.

The first chair-lift in Canada was built here, no less – what a history.

“When they first started running the lift in 1947, all the lights in town would dim and the town folk would know that the lift had been started,” explains historian & ski guide, Andy Cant. 

And it’s only getting better…


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