The Wood Hot Tub at the Rams Head Lodge at Red Mountain

Wood Hot Tub, the Wonder…

Have you ever wondered why it is that a wood hot tub is so popular in the most exacting of conditions?

Picture this.

You’re soaking deliciously in a beautiful old wood hot tub.

Surrounded by a staggeringly tall, tall forest. 

The silence is mesmerizing.

Mountains hide behind trees.

Tranquility abounds.

You’re at the Rams Head Lodge on Red Mountain…

Outdoor Bathing

It feels like you’re sitting in the middle of nature, because you actually are in a forest.   It wouldn’t be unusual for a deer to wander by.  Or even a bear – at the right time of the year.  Grouse have been seen frequently picking would-buds from hibernating bushes.

How often do you have the good fortune where wildlife comes to see you.  Relaxing in a wood hot tub – at, as they say, the only boutique lodge in a forest at a ski resort.

How many places in your world can you do that?

Especially, as Martin declares, at around 5 in the morning in early springtime, when the birds are back in full song after the long winter & the forest is waking all over, up & down & below.

Why Wood?

The wood hot tub it was that began the experience of social bathing in America.

And in these days of ever-evolving plastics, it’s always nice to go a bit retro with your recreational activities.

Wood hot tubs hold up well in these wet conditions, wood such as cedar, redwood, cypress and teak being the preferable options – usually such woods being found on the west coast & in the US & Canadian northwest.

Reclaimed‘ redwood – logs recovered from the bottoms of rivers or lakes – there’s still a good supply.


The Wood Hot Tub at the Rams Head Lodge at Red Mountain
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The Wood Hot Tub at the Rams Head Lodge 


Roberts Hot Tubs reports that – “unlike plastic spas, wooden hot tubs don’t crack, chip, blister, bubble, fade or stain.”


Advantages of Using a Wood Hot Tub

1.  Price can vary but wood hot tubs can often be up to 30% expensive less than artificial tubs.

2.  A wood hot tub has its own aesthetics.  Often the shape is appealing, enhanced by the rich color of wood & the tactile texture of wood grain.

3.  Wood emits a pleasing & natural aroma when hot or wet, especially cedar, which provides enough wonderful scent to allow total immersion in your relaxing.

4.  Wood expands when wet and doesn’t shrink back to its original size when dry.

Swedish wood engineers say “that it takes 100 hours of drying wood  for every hour that it’s wet.”

This is vital because all the spaces between the boards & the seals must be completely tight & waterproof when the tub is filled with water.

5.  Putting together a hot tub made from wood is quite easy, if you’re relatively handy & can follow directions…

Benefits of Hot Tub Soaking

I confess to a need to slip into the inviting waters of a wood hot tub after a hard days exertions.  And perhaps sip a well-earned refreshment, with your buddies or partners.  There is more to wood hot tub soaking than just a fleeting feel-good factor.

Various civilizations & empires recognized the simple delights & reinvigorating factors of hot & cold water treatment.

“Hot water increases blood flow to the surface of the body.
Cold water drives the blood from the surface to the core of the body.
Alternating hot and cold water increases blood flow and speeds up circulation.”

The Romans had baths.  So had the Turks.  And the Russians.  They all understood that there was something about water that was capable of causing wellness.

Hydrotherapy.  What an interesting concept.  We believe in it.  When you sit in our wood hot tub, you’ll know why.

Take the chance when you get it – soaking in a wood hot tub in a silent forest is a rare & beautiful thing.

Like the sociable lynx that’s been spotted on Granite Mountain this winter…


1.  Sleep Enhancement

Is there anything better than a soak in a lovely wood hot tub to drain your brain?  Get yourself in the right frame of mind to pass out once head meets pillow.  All the better to be ready for tomorrow, which is definitely another day…

When your body is comfortably warm, you tend to “fall asleep quicker & rest better with fewer disruptions.”

It is widely accepted that a good sleep is the answer to a lot of life’s hard questions.

2.  Stress Dissolver

Studies show that the combination of hot water, massaging jets & weightlessness can reduce all stresses & decrease anxiety.

A good soak on a regular basis can lower blood sugars, reduce blood pressure & even have a positive effect on migraines & headaches caused by tension.

In the hot tub, daily stresses melt into the water – decreasing the chances of a tension-triggered migraine.

3.  Pain Numbing

For people suffering from the aches & pains of daily life, the hot tub is definitely a much-needed relief.

The buoyancy from the bubbles created by the tub’s jets helps us to feel our own weight reducing, heat increasing blood circulation, muscle tightness easing & joint inflammation lessening.

Let your aching body experience heightened flexibility, strength, and a wider range of physical motion.  Many people see significant benefits from hydrotherapy when recovering from various injuries.

4.  Better Skin  

Some of the effects of using the hot tub have a direct influence on the health & appearance of your skin.

Stress & anxiety are leading causes of premature aging – the hot tub can be a beautiful solution to feeling young!

Increasing your circulation, by using the hot tub, makes your blood more efficient in delivering vital oxygen and nutrients to your skin – helping give you a healthy & vibrant glow.

 5.  Lowers Blood Sugars

Hot temperatures in the tub simulate some of the effects of physical exercise – which has proven to be an effective form of treatment for sufferers of diabetes & reducing blood sugars.

The Magic of Wood Hot Tubs vs Acrylic Spas

Natural vs Artificial – Wood vs Plastic

When you’re a beautiful part of a living, breathing, evolving & naturally wild environment, we know that a hot tub made from wood is perfectly complementary.

Our surroundings are organic & always bring a smile to the heart, right here, right now – so for us, there could only ever be a wood hot tub in our forest.  Horses for course & all that.

I’m sure you do like to luxuriate in the silence of the brotherhood of tall trees, when the chance arises.  Activate your senses, touch the warm water, feel it enveloping you, let the tactile dynamic of the wood grain blend you right into the landscape around you.

We know nothing about acrylic spas.  F**k it.




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