Brain on Snow: What’s up?

Your brain on snow is a mighty peculiar thing.

There are many, many types of powder that are addictive to humans, coming in many forms, legal or not.

Not many come as fluffy or as complex, as delicious or as desirable, or as freely available.

It does come with a danger-of-death daily warning, much like many of those other powders, but the big difference here is that you’re definitely going to go with a smile on your face!


What happens to your brain on snow at Red Mountain in BC
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What happens to your brain on snow…


How Snow Jolts Your Brain

First, as you step outside, it’s the glare off the landscape, the brilliant shade of intense white that might turn your morning brain into instant mush.

It’s like partying all night in the padded basement of a trendy hotel & staggering out unwittingly into the Mediterranean sun at 8 in the morning.  BOOM!  Deep fried brain.

Add the cold blast of the morning mountain air, & the crunch of snow flakes under your boots, now you’re feeling the snap. crackle & pop of your brain as it springs to life.

Suddenly your brain is fully awake.  How did that happen?  That double espresso helped a bit but this is a proper & full-on wake up call.  An alpine clatter to the face.

While you’re figuring out how you managed to get outdoors in your full mountain gear before you even realized you were awake, you find yourself smiling.

Smiling?  But then it starts growing & turning into a deep & satisfying feeling of overriding happiness.   Snow time.

You’ve got your boots on.  Your technical gear.  Your lift pass.  Get yourself to the chair-lift.


Dealing with the Snow-Addicted Brain 

Now that you’re all hooked up on the ‘gear’ that brought you here – the fluffy, powdery snow – it’s time to get into the proper flow.

No more arsing about.  You’ve got you’re brain on snow – feed the addiction.  Ride like there’s no tomorrow – basically because you’re going to be so wrecked, you won’t be able to move.

That’s exactly when you need to worry about having a brain on snow…





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