The Wood Hot Tub at the Rams Head Lodge at Red Mountain

Wood Hot Tubs: 5 Benefits of Soaking in One

Wood Hot Tub, the Wonder… Have you ever wondered why it is that a wood hot tub is so popular in the most exacting of conditions? Picture this. You’re soaking deliciously in a beautiful old wood hot tub. Surrounded by a staggeringly … Read More

Red Mountain and the Snow Rush of the 2000s

Talking about Red Mountain is very simple. Truth is that it’s a dare. Being so far north, it’s a real commitment to come here. But then, lines at the chair-lifts here are just unusual. The mountains meditate to the sound of … Read More

Beers at the Rams Head at Red Mountain

12 Beers to Blow Your Canadian Rocky Mountain Mind

Aah, beers.  When you’re living the life up here, Verging on the BC wilderness all around, You come to rely on the small rewards. A deliciously popped beer, Fizzing & foaming. Gurgling down your throat at the end of a long, hot, … Read More